All The Timeships

I recently acquired the Paradox-class Temporal Dreadnought. Thus completes the set of time ships, together with the Wells-class Temporal Science Vessel, Mobius-class Temporal Destroyer and Aeon-class Timeship shuttle.

The USS Hannibal, a Paradox-class dreadnought


The USS Aura, a Mobius-class destroyer
Underside of the Mobius. Note how the deflector is much farther forward than on the Wells.


Aeon-class Timeship shuttle
Underside of the Aeon-class. Note the dark tint of the hull that is unique to this ship.

The similarities between the mirror universe ships (Mobius and Paradox) and the Prime Universe Wells-class suggests that they are not entirely unrelated developments. While the Mirror Terrans have a history of copying Federation Starfleet vessels, as seen with pretty much all of their ships since the resurgence of the Terran Empire, The Mobius and Paradox are different enough from the Wells for it to be concluded that they were either created in the Mirror Universe with knowledge of the development of the Wells, or they are copies of Prime Universe starships that are less widely used by the Federation. They could also be the result of a joint project between the Terran Empire and the Federation. In 400 years, diplomatic relations between universes doesn’t seem so improbable.

It is probable that both the Prime and Mirror universes use all four designs, Paradox, Wells, Mobius and Aeon, but with greater emphasis on the Mobius and Paradox in the Mirror universe. This theory is supported by the Paradox’s use of Aeon timeships as shipboard fighters.


STO: New Ship: T6 Jupiter-class Carrier

Recently Cryptic studios released the result of their competition to design a new starship in Star Trek Online. The Jupiter-class is a starfleet carrier, and the first pure Federation carrier (apart from the Caitian Atrox-class).

The ship is a science oriented vessel with a BOFF layout of Cmdr Sci, Lt Sci, LtCmdr Eng/Int, Lt Tac and Lt Uni slots. As a vessel not designed for direct combat it only has 6 weapon slots split evenly fore and aft. It can equip 3 engineering consoles, 4 science consoles, and 3 tactical consoles. It has a hull strength of 52000 and a shield modifier of 1.25 making it quite durable, but it can’t dish it out on  it’s own. However, it does come with 2 hanger bays with Peregrine fighters. Such a massive ship naturally can’t turn well, and boasts a turn rate of 6. It has 4 device slots and 2200 crew

Purchasing the Jupiter or Fleet-Jupiter (which has an extra engineering console slot, and increased hull and shield modifiers) unlocks the Callisto-class light escort hanger pets for purchase from the EC store and the dilithium store for the Advanced and Elite versions.

Jupiter-class carrier

The design itself is the successor to the classic Jupiterclass NPC dreadnoughts which appeared in campaign missions. Alas, it is unfortunate that the classic Jupiter skin is not available for the new ship.

Lacking a secondary hull, the Jupiter-class has a long, bullet-shaped saucer with four nacelles (the lower two about half the size of the upper nacelles) connected to the aft section by pylons, with two impulse engines between the upper nacelles.

An aft shot of the Jupiter-class

The ship has a large forcefield covering a hole in the hull about halfway between the bridge on the top of the saucer and the deflector dish on the leading edge, presumably where the fighters exit what may be a mostly empty space on the inside of the ship (personal speculation). It also has hanger bays covered by force fields over the sides of the saucer.

Another shot of the Jupiter-class

STO New Ship: Valiant Class T6 Tactical Escort

So Cryptic Studios recently released a few new ships in STO I bought one of them. Another version of the Defiant Tactical Escort, the Valiant-Class is a T6 escort which can use the skins available on other tactical escorts, and coincided with a remodel of the default Defiant-class.The Defiant‘s “head”, which is classed as the saucer in the ship tailor menu, is larger and has a more downward slope than before. This is evident when using the Sao Paulo-class saucer with the new Defiant parts. The Valiant-class skin itself features a flat-ish saucer with a round deflector dish (reminiscent of the Vigilant-class) and a flat, wide hull. The nacelles are protrude even further from the hull than on the other variants and have a slight forward sweep. I don’t particularly like the Valiant-class visuals and I think the only word I can find to describe it is ‘wobbly’. The Defiant remodel, on the other hand, is absolutely sexy.

The Valiant-class comes with a Quantum Warhead Module, which does, at most, around 35000 kinetic damage (which is a lot) and can be quite useful for destroying unshielded cruiser level targets such as Borg Spheres and Tholian Orb Weavers. The Valiant has 4 forward weapon slots and 3 aft weapon slots. As an escort it can use cannons, and excels in their use with it’s high turn rate. It has 10 console slots (3 Eng, 3 Sci, 4 Tac), and the fleet variant has 1 extra Tac slot. It can use the Cloaking device from the Tactical Escort Retrofit or Dreadnought Crusier. For BOFs it has a universal Lt slot, a Cmdr Tac slot, a Lt Cmdr Tac/Pilot slot, a Lt Eng slot and a Lt Sci slot. It still has at most 40000 hit-points (44000 for the fleet variant), which is not a lot,  and a shield modifier of 0.9.

It is still a potent weapon and can demolish lower level Borg cubes in seconds. Sisko would be proud.

My new Valiant-class, the USS Valjean with Defiant livery.
valiant ortho
The image of the Valiant from the Arcgames website.

KSP Helicopter

So I built a helicopter in Kerbal Space program. I used some mods for the rotor, RCS modules and fuselage components, by I forgot which mods. I decided to try and break the world speed record for helicopters, which is 263 knots, or 135m/s, or 487km/h, set by the Eurocopter X3. the helicopter is capable of 90m/s and with the addition of solid fuel boosters (the small radial ones) 160m/s. Thus, my helicopter is capable of breaking the world speed record, although the rockets might count as cheating. The solid fuel rockets appear to have originally been intended to separate booster rockets from large vertical launch vehicles. They can be jettisoned using radial decouplers in flight. My helicopter lacks a tail rotor as I find a cluster of RCS thrusters is more effective.

KSP chopper 1
In the hanger. Note the solid fuel boosters
KSP chopper 2
In flight
KSP chopper 3
With boosters firing

STO Concept: T6 Typhoon Battleship

Until the release of the Command Battlecruisers, Starfleet and Terran Imperial battleship grade enemies were either Sovereign variants, or Typhoon-class battleships. The Typhoons had large, flat, teardrop shaped saucers, squat, long secondary hulls, and four nacelles grouped together at the ends of two pylons. The nacelles were reminiscent of the nacelles on the Cerberus class advanced escort (a variant of the Prometheus). I would recommend the creation a playable version of the classic NPC ship. I suggest it be a Tier 6, or Tier 5 vessel. As a unique console, I suggest an enhanced version of the Armitage class’s photon torpedo defence system. This console would fire a massive spread of quantum torpedoes at all targets within 10km of the Typhoon. I also recommend a single hanger bay (Miranda frigate hanger pets maybe?)and compatibility with the cloaking device.

A typhoon class battleship, the USS Templar. credit to STO wiki for image
A typhoon class battleship, the USS Templar. Credit to STO wiki for image

How many boobs?

Assuming that the Male:Female sex ratio has not changed much since the 99.1 the Australian Bureau of Statistics provided for June 2012, and that the average female has 2 breasts, we can calculate the number of breasts the average Australian has. For every 100 females, there are 99.1 males. The total number of scores is
100 + 99.1 = 199.1
The sum of all scores is
(2 x 100) + (0 x 99.1) = 200
Mean = sum of all scores/number of scores


The average Australian has 1.00452034 breasts.

Which means there are 23234555.4642 boobs in Australia (with a population of around 23.13 million)
NOTE: this post defines breast as a mammary gland designed to provide milk to offspring. Alternatively, any organ one would call a ‘boob’.

Link to ABS:

Star Trek Online Ship Comparison – Wells Timeship vs Pathfinderd

Wells-class Temporal Science Vessel (T5U) vs. Fleet Pathfinder-class Long Range Science Vessel (T6)

Both the Wells and the Pathfinder have six weapon slots (split evenly between fore and aft), three device slots, three Tac consoles, five Sci consoles, and three Eng consoles.

The Wells Class has 40 000 hull hitpoints, while the Pathfinder has 39 600. The Wells class has a turn rate of 4.1 degrees/sec, while the Pathfinder has a turn rate of 3 degrees/sec.

USS Pioneer_1
A Pathfinder-class science vessel, the USS Pioneer
USS Circumference
A 29th century Wells-class temporal science vessel, the USS Circumference

The Pathfinder has access to the Aeroshuttle console and the Ablative Generator console. The Wells has access to the Tipler Cylinder and the Mannhiem Device.

The Pathfinder is easier to access as it can be bought on the C-store.

The Pathfinder has more skin configuration options than the Wells class, with access to the Intrepid, Cochrane, Discovery and Bellerophon class skins. The Wells class, by itself, is an extremely beautiful craft, but has a smaller variety of liveries.